Friday, January 27, 2012


Penguins are funny little birds that the students had a wonderful time learning about.  This week we used the tree map and brainstormed what penguins can, have, and are.  After reading lots of non-fiction books, the students did great with this!DSC03886DSC03887This was the finished product!DSC03888We also made a penguin craft and then added the life cycle of a penguin on a little book glued to his belly.2011-2012 Kindergarten982011-2012 Kindergarten99

Friday’s snack was to make a penguin!2011-2012 Kindergarten922011-2012 Kindergarten93

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gingerbread Boy and Girl

The Monday before we got out for Christmas break, we wrapped up our study of many, many different gingerbread books.  We had plans to make our own gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl, but it didn’t work out quite like we had planned!

The dough was rolled outI Phone Pictures 705then we used different types of candy to decorate themI Phone Pictures 708I Phone Pictures 710We were so glad that Mrs. Moran’s daughter was at school with us that day because Mrs. Abraham was struggling to get the Gingerbread girl to look like a gingerbread girl!  I Phone Pictures 717Here they are before we put them in the oven!I Phone Pictures 719The students were so excited to go get the gingerbread boy and girl out of the oven.I Phone Pictures 720I Phone Pictures 721EEEEEkkkkkkk- when we got to the cafeteria- the gingerbread boy and girl had leaped out of the oven and left us clues all over the school.  We had to go on a hunt to find them.I Phone Pictures 724

We finally found them under the Christmas tree in Ms. Peck’s room!I Phone Pictures 725

This is what they looked like after they were baked and ran all over the school.I Phone Pictures 726

November Pictures

The students are loving all of the foldables that we are using in our small groups!2011-2012 Kindergarten71During math we did many different activities comparing numbers and amounts.2011-2012 Kindergarten72Since it’s fall, we have been reading books about pumpkins.2011-2012 Kindergarten74We carved a pumpkin and then did a writing activity using descriptive words.  Many of the students did not like the feeling of the pumpkin guts.2011-2012 Kindergarten7310 frame activities2011-2012 Kindergarten75Tally mark activity to see who eats turkey on Thanksgiving2011-2012 Kindergarten76Making noodle necklaces for our pow-wow.2011-2012 Kindergarten77Thanksgiving Story Bracelet2011-2012 Kindergarten78Thanksgiving Pow Wow2011-2012 Kindergarten792011-2012 Kindergarten80