Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21-25

This week we learned some new comprehension strategies. On Tuesday we practiced the So Far… and Next….. strategy for predicting what we think will come next in a story. The students did wonderful with it and used some deep thinking!2010 Kindergarten218

Technology is such a huge part of daily lives in this day- so we are moving toward using lots of technology in our whole group lessons. Kindergarten got a projector to share, so we used it this week. Here you see the students playing “WORD SLAP”. They love this game and think it’s so much fun. (They don’t realize how much they are learning either)2010 Kindergarten219

Wednesday afternoon we watched a short video about all the different community helpers and their mode of transportation. You can see in this photo how well the students pay attention when the projector is on!


To wrap up our community helper unit, we made Dr. hats and bags. Each student put items inside their bag that a doctor might need to help someone feel better, or stay well.2010 Kindergarten220

Photos from Months Past

Students love to wear the apron and use the stuffed animals to re-tell stories. Here we were reading Elmer.2010 Kindergarten204

Silly Sally helped us learn about rhyming words while we laughed and retold the story.

2010 Kindergarten207This was our trip to WCHS to see their musical The Wizard of Oz. 2010 Kindergarten205

The week of Valentine’s Day we were busy! We made heart people. 2010 Kindergarten206

Cards for people we love.2010 Kindergarten208

We graphed colors of conversation hearts.2010 Kindergarten209

Our final Valentine’s Day activity was to enjoy some snacks. 2010 Kindergarten210

We had our Student of the Month ceremony for January.2010 Kindergarten211

and these were the cowboys and cowgirls who rounded up the Wild Wild West. 2010 Kindergarten212

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 14-18

This week in math we learned all about the features of a calendar. We practiced putting the days of the week in numerical order. 2010 Kindergarten213

The 3rd graders at our school are working so hard to get ready for the MCT2. To show our support, we made them a sign with a rainbow of handprints. 2010 Kindergarten214

On St. Patrick’s Day we went outside and looked for 4 leaf clovers. No one found a 4 leaf clover, but they sure had a great time looking. 2010 Kindergarten215

When we came back inside from looking for clovers, a leprechaun had destroyed our room. He totally messed up the ENTIRE room. 2010 Kindergarten216

Thank goodness we had set a trap before we left the room, but there was no leprechaun inside once we settled down enough to check the trap. He left us a note though, and some green pudding. 2010 Kindergarten217

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rounding Up the Wild Wild West

The past two weeks we have been studying the Wild Wild West! Today we rounded up our unit by dressing up, having cowboy snacks, and a little roping action!
We made cow patty cookies!
The snack table!
The cowboys and cowgirls enjoying their snacks on the range!
After all of our Wild Wild West fun, we headed down the hall to enjoy some Dr. Seuss festivities!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SAE night at Pizza Inn

Tonight was SAE night at Pizza Inn. I'm sure there were others of you there, but these are the photos I took!
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