Sunday, September 19, 2010

Down on the Farm & Petunia the Purple Cow

This week we started our 3 week study called "Down on the Farm". Since we were studying the color purple and the letter Pp, Mrs. Abraham introduced the students to her friend, Mrs. Nancy's purple cow. The cow's name is Petunia. Petunia lives in Bovina and she can be seen all over the internet.
The students listened and were very eager to learn about Petunia!

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P is for Pizza

On Tuesday morning we had a special surprise guest come to share with us how to make pizza. Mrs. Abraham loves eating pizza at Billy's Italian - and so does Ms. Peck. So we invited Mr. Billy to come and share his talents with the classes.
Mr. Billy demonstrating how pizza is made.Then a student made a pizza....

Next it was time for Mrs. Abraham and Ms. Peck to practice their pizza making skills.

Ms. Peck did a trick when she was puttin the pepperoni on the pizza.

And so the students wanted to see Mrs. Abraham's pizza trick skills.......
over the head went the pepperoni!
Our baked pizzas
The children enjoying the pepperoni pizza.

Friday, September 17

Since our letter this week was P we all wore our PJ's to school!We also read the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake so we made some pancakes.
While mixing up the pancake batter, Mrs. Abraham talked with the students about the use of measuring cups, and what a recipe is, and why we must follow the recipe.
Earlier in the week we saw a picture of Mrs. Nancy's purple cow. This morning Mrs. Nancy milked Petunia and brought us some of her milk! We thought we heard a mooooooo so the children went to see if they could find Petunia around the school- but she wasn't anywhere to be found.
Here we are eating our yummy pancakes and drinking purple milk.

Yummy yum yum!

Letter P and C Show and Tell

And last week was such a busy week we never did our T and orange show and tell. So we did it on Friday too!

Corp of Engineers

The Army Corp of Engineers Vicksburg District has adopted SAE as their school!! We are so excited to have them as our adoptors. Here are Mrs. Abraham, Mrs. Ederington, and Ms. Peck working hard to construct the recognition certificate we presented to them at our adoption meeting!!

With Mr. Hume and our adoptor representatives.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This week our letter was T. During this week teddy bears are very important, and a Teddy Bear Picnic was planned for Wednesday. Almost as important as the picnic is the preparation. Teddy Bear Picnic baskets had to me made- but that required scissors. YIKES!

Ms. Peck came to our classsroom to share the story of her friend Sammy Snip Snap. Now you see, Sammy was a boy who didn't use his scissors properly. She shared with the students how important scissor safety is and the rules of using scissors. Ms. Peck also shared what happends to those who do not use scissors properly. Let me assure you- they all used the scissors with upmost care and all followed the rules and directions.

The children watch and listen as Mrs. Abraham demonstrates the proper way to hold the paper and use the scissors.

And........................then they cut carefully!

So proud of their first cutting project!

Teddy Bear Picnic Day- Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The teddy bears had a slumber party in the classroom. When the students arrived at school on Wednesday, the bears were reading books, had gotten out the Mr. Potato Head centers, and were doing puzzles!
Poppa Bear, also known as Mr. Hume, met us in the hallway and joined us for our picnic. He also read us a book during the picnic.

The precious little bears!

Mrs. Lovett, who is a retired teacher and grandmother of a student in our class, shared her reading talents and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Mrs. Styles, a parent volunteer at SAE, came and read "Going on a Bear Hunt"!

Munching on snacks and listening to some "bearry" good stories.

These little kindergarten cubs were TIRED after a great day of Teddy Bear Picnic fun!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday we spent the day working on the letter T and learning all things important about the letter!
We also had our picture taken for the "Grandparents are special becuase...." bulletin board. Back to School Night was at 5:30!

Friday, September 10, 2010- Grandparent's Day

We had our Grandparent's Day celebration in our classroom on Friday!! Wow what a great group of grandparents we had show up-- and the students were so proud to introduce their grandparents to their friends!