Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 4-8

This week it was our turn to say the Pledge of Allegiance and our school pledge on the intercom.  2010 Kindergarten232

Here are the carrots we made after reading “The Carrot Seed” last week.  The students colored pictures from the story, and then put them in the correct sequence.2010 Kindergarten233

We talked about clouds, and how clouds produce rain.  DSC02170

After we read “The Little Cloud” we made our own cloud formations, and then wrote about what they looked like!2010 Kindergarten234The weather was beautiful this week and the students enjoyed using sidewalk chalk.2010 Kindergarten235We had a guest reader and she read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 2010 Kindergarten236We made our own caterpillars and drew on the body things we would eat if we were a very hungry caterpillar. 2010 Kindergarten2372010 Kindergarten238

Friday we had a fun playing on the playground. 2010 Kindergarten239

Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 28-April 1

This week we studied about spring and plants. We read The Tiny SeedDSC02164and talked about all the things that seeds need to grow. Then we prepared our pots…..2010 Kindergarten221and planted the seeds…………….2010 Kindergarten222and finally made sure that there was plenty of water on the seeds…………………..2010 Kindergarten223The pots are now by the window getting sunlight so they will grow. We water them each day…………….and can’t wait to see what grows!DSC02167

We also read The Carrot Seed and did a really great sequencing activity with the events from the book. Mrs. Abraham’s camera was dead and she didn’t take pictures of our carrots, but will next week and include them in next week’s post!DSC02169

With plans to attend a field trip on Friday, we read the book Manner Matter on a Field Trip. It told us all about the things we should and shouldn’t do when on a field trip with our class!DSC02171

Then Friday morning we loaded the bus and headed to the Mississippi Children’s Museum. 2010 Kindergarten226Once we got there we sat outside and got our colored armbands, and listened to the program director give us directions.

2010 Kindergarten227

off to the museum we went………..we played with water guns, pretended to pump gas and drive a car, dressed up, operated a crane, made music, and MUCH MUCH more.2010 Kindergarten2282010 Kindergarten229Lunch time rolled around and we went into the park to enjoy a sack lunch provided to us by our school cafeteria. 2010 Kindergarten230When it was time to return to school, we loaded the bus and it wasn’t long before lots of the tired troopers were snoring.2010 Kindergarten231

We had a great week and learned so much!